donderdag 30 december 2010

Black and White


Just a great photo I wanted to show.



Today I went shopping with two friends in Hoofddorp. In many shops they had a sale, so we were lucky. I bought a brown cardigan that matches with my new wedges, a green/blue-ish top and a striped black and white croptop from H&M divided.
Tomorrow will already be the last day from 2010! It will take pretty long I think for me to realize it is 2011 instead of 2010. This year passed by so fast! And next year we are one year closer near 2012, will it really be the year that the earth will explode or something like that? I hope it won't (:

maandag 27 december 2010

New Shoes

Today I bought new wintershoes because my old ones really reached their end. And I ended up buying these wedges(pic 3)! My pair is a bit browner, but you will see them later I think. They fit very well and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing heels. A good buy!
I bought them at the Sascha store, where they also had this really cool clock necklace (pic 1+2), even more cooler then the ones I already have, but it was 15 euros, so I didn't buy it (yet).

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello there! I was sick the past four days, this Is the reason why I didn't post anything. Now that I'm kinda better, I have this post for you (:
Above you can see (almost) all my necklaces. I kept saying I wanted to show you a couple of things I bought this month, and I will begin with my necklaces. Then I thought, it would be nicer if I put all my necklaces in one picture... So here they are!
1: I got this pendant for 'Sinterklaas' it's a photocamera, it even flashes when you push the button! It is really lovely, and whenever I wear it at school, a lot of people want to push the button.
2: I bought this one almost a year ago, when I was with two friends in Amsterdam. It comes from six, and I really loved the fact that it was a robot. The arms and legs can move separated from the body, that makes a lot of noise (:
3: I got this owl-necklace thursday, and I really like it because it is an owl (and I already told in an earlier post that I really wanted something with an owl) and second of all, because I never saw someone walk with this necklace before, although a lot of people have owl-necklaces and rings.
4: I bought this peace-necklace all by myself, this week, I don't know exactly which day, but I bought it at Bijou Brigitte, in Hoofddorp. It made me think of the necklace Analeigh Tipton from America's Next TopModel (I think cycle 11) always wears. I wanted it for a pretty long time, and I have no idea why I never bought it before.
5: I already have this one for a pretty long time, and I kinda forgot where I bought it. If I am right, I bought it at a little store in Hoofddorp, but that one is already gone.
6: I got this one for my birthday, this summer. I think my friend bought it at six, because I saw it hang there. I really like the big black bow on it, it makes it something special.
7: This clock-necklace comes from H&M divided, I bought it at sunday, when I was with a friend in Haarlem. I wanted such a necklace, but I couldn't find a good one, and then I saw this one. The only pity is that the clock is fake, so it will always be 16:58 (or 4:58). In tiny little letters it says 'old clock long time' just under the middle of the clock.
8: I bought this key-necklace at Bijou Brigitte (they sometimes have really nice necklaces over there). I like the fact that the looks really old, because it looks some kind of rusty.
9: I got this one from my mother, which makes it old. I have no idea where she got it from, and I also don't know what it has to be. It looks like something between a grenade and a christmasball.
10: I also got this one from 'Sinterklaas', this one is a real clock, when you keep it close to your ears, you can hear it ticking. I like this one because you can buy different backgrounds, so for example on monday it will be a dog-clock (sounds funny) and on tuesday something different.
11: I got this one this summer too, also as a birthdaypresent. I got it from my nieces, but I know they bought it at Bijou Brigitte. It is very colourful, so it looks really nice when I am wearing something black.

A pretty long post this time, to make up those days I didn't write anything...

dinsdag 21 december 2010


Still from Mtv's My Life As Liz

Today I got a haircut, bought a christmaspresent for a friend, and went shopping in Primark, where I bought a black skinny jeans and a blouse. I also bought a Peace-Necklace, and I will all show you later, but now I'm off watching Glee.

maandag 20 december 2010



I really like these two tee's because of the crosses. I also saw some cross-rings and necklaces lately, which I also loved. The only problem is, I can't find any of those in stores near my home. So I was thinking about making a tee by myself, because it doesn't seem too hard to do. Maybe you'll see the result later!

zaterdag 18 december 2010

vrijdag 17 december 2010

Big White World

Pictures of my brother and I (made by me and my brother)

This morning I woke up, opened my curtains, and couldn't see anything. The whole window was covered with snow. When I came downstairs, I saw all the snow laying in our garden, which looked wonderful. Today we celebrated Christmas at school, so I put on my christmasdress (which you can see on the pictures!) and luckely my father drove me to school by car. Everybody looked wonderful, but because of the snow, they had to cancel our trip to the cinema, so we only had breakfast and after that we were aloud to go home and celebrate the holidays. At home, my brother and I went outside and took some pictures in the snow. It was pretty cold, but we had fun.
Now I finally have holidays, and I will have lots of fun with my family and friends this two weeks. And ofcourse more time to take pictures and blog! 

donderdag 16 december 2010

Jingle Bells...

All via Weheartit (I heart weheartit)

One more day of school, and then I will have two weeks of christmasholiday..... That only day is tommorow, when we will celebrate christmas at school. Everybody is going to wear dresses and suits, so we'll all look chic (:
First we will have breakfast at school and then some classes will go to a movie, in a city 4 kilometres away. And that is where the cons come in; we need to cycle, in our dresses, through the snow, to a movie which has nothing to do with christmas... (watch the trailer here) 
But still, I think tomorrow will be a lot of fun.

dinsdag 14 december 2010

Worth A Replay

Amanda Seyfried on the utter left

Little House is a song sung by Amanda Seyfried (from Mamma Mia, Mean Girls and Dear John), and I'm listening to it all day long. It is just so nice and peacefull... Which was good for today, because I had to learn for a test. So check the song out right here, and maybe you'll also press the replay-button a million times (:

A Bunn


Hi! (I gotta stop with this Hi everytime, it get's kinda boring)
I found these pictures on, and I love the atmosphere of the pictures. The black and white effect also really fits to the photos (in my opinion)
I would love to got to the woods someday with a friend, and take pictures just like these.



What if earth looked like this? How would life be?

The weather outside is Frightful...

All pictures via
When I look at these pictures, I really want back those sunny summer days, go swim in the sea, stay up late, party all day and eat icecream. A lot of icecream. But unfortunately, I still have to wait a couple of months for the temperature to rise, unless I go to some warm country somewhere far away...

maandag 13 december 2010


Finally! I have my christmasoutfit! Today I went shopping in our shopping centre, and I found my christmasdress (and heels)! Finally! I know, the pictures aren't great, but that's because I still haven't found my camera yet. The heels are pretty high, I wonder if I can walk on them all day long, but we'll see.
I'm really happy right now, because I finally found where I was looking for.
My outfit is kinda simple, but I think it will look pretty nice. Somehow it makes me think of a ballerina.
Better pictures will come soon!

zondag 12 december 2010

Lost... But Not Yet Found

Pictures via

Today I went shopping with a friend to find a christmasdress, but I came home with a present for a friend and a necklace from H&M Divided. I just couldn't find the perfect dress! I think it is really irritating. But we had a good time, so it doesn't matter.
The thing I wanted to say: I really can't find my camera! I am a really bad seeker, but still. So that means I can't take pictures of my 'sinterklaas' presents and my new necklace... It kinda sucks.

zaterdag 11 december 2010

The Hair

Picture via
I love her hair!


I make a lot of little videos with friends/family/school, and I also have a youtubeaccount. Unfortunately, everytime I posted a video on Youtube, the quality was really bad. Yesterday I finally found out how to make the quality ten times better. Take here a look at my youtubechannel!

woensdag 8 december 2010


My brother, me in his glasses and Camera-Necklaces.
So I promised I would show some pictures of the presents I got for 'Sinterklaas', but honestly, I didn't really had the time to make pictures of them, and second of all, I have no idea where my camera is (I know, bad excuse). At least I can tell what I got.
- A tiny photocamera pendant
- A watch/necklace thingie
- A Scarf
- A Cap-thingie
- Gloves
- Nail vernish
- Rituals bathscrub, showergel, and something else, but I don't really know where it's for.
- A case for my Ipod-Touch (which I really needed)

I really love my pendant, which was originally a keyring, but I somehow made it into a necklace with an old chain. It even flashes when you push the button, something they loved on school. I promise I will post some pictures soon, but for now, you'll have to do it with the picture above, which I edited myself.

maandag 6 december 2010

To the Galaxy and Beyond ~Buzz Lightyear

The last couple of weeks, I found a lot of pictures from galaxies on a blog I follow, Tesaar. I looked them up on Google, and I think galaxies are actually very pretty! I can't imagine us human live on such a tiny spot in such a huge galaxy. For me, the universe only consist of Earth, and all the other planets we used to learn in class, not all the other galaxies, planets and maybe even creatures.
But enough thinking, let's go back to the pictures. I especially think the first one is beautiful, because it almost looks like there are clouds, and the colors are also very nice.
I really like this Galaxy tee from Monki, which also relates good to this post. The tee is pretty oversized, which I love.