zaterdag 25 december 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello there! I was sick the past four days, this Is the reason why I didn't post anything. Now that I'm kinda better, I have this post for you (:
Above you can see (almost) all my necklaces. I kept saying I wanted to show you a couple of things I bought this month, and I will begin with my necklaces. Then I thought, it would be nicer if I put all my necklaces in one picture... So here they are!
1: I got this pendant for 'Sinterklaas' it's a photocamera, it even flashes when you push the button! It is really lovely, and whenever I wear it at school, a lot of people want to push the button.
2: I bought this one almost a year ago, when I was with two friends in Amsterdam. It comes from six, and I really loved the fact that it was a robot. The arms and legs can move separated from the body, that makes a lot of noise (:
3: I got this owl-necklace thursday, and I really like it because it is an owl (and I already told in an earlier post that I really wanted something with an owl) and second of all, because I never saw someone walk with this necklace before, although a lot of people have owl-necklaces and rings.
4: I bought this peace-necklace all by myself, this week, I don't know exactly which day, but I bought it at Bijou Brigitte, in Hoofddorp. It made me think of the necklace Analeigh Tipton from America's Next TopModel (I think cycle 11) always wears. I wanted it for a pretty long time, and I have no idea why I never bought it before.
5: I already have this one for a pretty long time, and I kinda forgot where I bought it. If I am right, I bought it at a little store in Hoofddorp, but that one is already gone.
6: I got this one for my birthday, this summer. I think my friend bought it at six, because I saw it hang there. I really like the big black bow on it, it makes it something special.
7: This clock-necklace comes from H&M divided, I bought it at sunday, when I was with a friend in Haarlem. I wanted such a necklace, but I couldn't find a good one, and then I saw this one. The only pity is that the clock is fake, so it will always be 16:58 (or 4:58). In tiny little letters it says 'old clock long time' just under the middle of the clock.
8: I bought this key-necklace at Bijou Brigitte (they sometimes have really nice necklaces over there). I like the fact that the looks really old, because it looks some kind of rusty.
9: I got this one from my mother, which makes it old. I have no idea where she got it from, and I also don't know what it has to be. It looks like something between a grenade and a christmasball.
10: I also got this one from 'Sinterklaas', this one is a real clock, when you keep it close to your ears, you can hear it ticking. I like this one because you can buy different backgrounds, so for example on monday it will be a dog-clock (sounds funny) and on tuesday something different.
11: I got this one this summer too, also as a birthdaypresent. I got it from my nieces, but I know they bought it at Bijou Brigitte. It is very colourful, so it looks really nice when I am wearing something black.

A pretty long post this time, to make up those days I didn't write anything...

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