zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Rolling Stones

So as you might knew, I took pictures with a friend yesterday, and this is the result! Ofcourse we took more pictures, but this is just a nice one. I'm wearing my new Rolling Stones shirt from H&M, Allstars and Tights, also from H&M.
I really love the result of the pictures, I will show more photo's soon, but I still have to look which are nice and which aren't.

woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Holding onto the Painting

Yesterday, I went to Hilversum with my Mother and Brother, to this great museum Beeld en Geluid (something like picture and sound).
It was really nice, because there were lots of things to do. On the picture my brother and I are lying on the ground, but It looks like I'm hanging on the painting and my brother is just sitting on the couch.The picture was made from a camera which hung to the ceiling. I think the effect is really cool.

I'll Be In The Sky

I'm at the moment really in love with THIS song.... It has such a happy melody, I keep hitting the replay button on Youtube ;D


As you might have seen in my last post, I went shopping two days ago, this is what I bought:
- An amazing oversized Rolling Stones Tee (Black, with the red logo on the front)
- An oversized blazer, black. (Which I already wanted to have for a long, long time)
- Two pairs of Tights (Grey and Black)
I don't know what it is, but I keep buying Black clothes. Also, everything I bought is from H&M, because they always have these amazing clothes. (It's not that I don't like other stores, but I feel more attracted to H&M)
As you may have noticed, the only thing which was on my list to buy, where the tights. I tried on some grey tee's, but they looked awful on me. So that's why I didn't buy any of those. I searched all shoestores for the brown heels I wanted, but such shoes were nowhere available.
I will post some outfits soon, because on Friday I will do some kind of photoshoot with a friend!


maandag 25 oktober 2010


Made With
Today I will go shopping with some friends, and I got a lot of money from my mother to buy clothes of! I really want some of those items you see in the picture, but if I would buy exactly those ones, I could only just buy one shirt (All those things are really expensive). So I'm going to search very well for items who look just like these, but are a bit more payable.
I'm so excited! I can't wait to go shopping, but I still have to wait for a few hours, because first we'll be going to a friend to take some pictures and stuff (Which doesn't seem logical, isn't it way more fun to make pictures wearing your new clothes?). At the end of the day I will post what I actually bought!


vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

School's Out

I'm sorry I didn't write a lot these days, but that's because school was very busy. From now on I will make it up to you by posting extra.
Today I finally have vacation!
I will do a lot this week, go shopping with friends (we have a new H&M divided + Primark in our village!), watching movies, going to parties, sleeping, things like that.
But I can't wait to go to the new shops because I really loooove H&M and I've also seen some really nice stuff from Primark. But unfortunately this will be monday, so I still have to wait a few more days...

zaterdag 16 oktober 2010


The old bag from my mother

This is the bag that I've found on the attic. The picture isn't great, because when you see it in Real Life, the bag is much prettier! I can't wait to take it outside and show it to the school/friends/the world(?)/People/Family!


Me, wearing a Vintage army jacket, holding an old suitcase from my father.

I'm really happy that I was on the attic today (hihi, sounds weird) but it's true. I've found this amazing old (and real!) army jacket which is/was my father's. The suitcase is also my father's but he doesn't really do stuff with both of them, so I think I may have them.


My mom saw I was looking for a vintage bag because I was making a Collage at and she told me that she would probably have an old bag on the attic. So I went searching, and now I've found not one, but two bags! And also an old suitcase (which has a code, I'm trying to open it already for half an hour).
But I am really happy! I think the bag is cute, I'll make a picture of it soon!

Transform Ya...

Weekend! I've just trained, yes very early, I always train at 7:30 at Saturday (Goodbye Sleeping)
But now I still have a whole day to do stuff!
My parents didn't mention something yet about the money I will get each month to buy clothes.... I hate that, Cause I really want to buy some new clothes! I'm also in love with old vintage bags, but we don't have a local thriftstore, so I'll have to wait till next week, because then I might be going to Amsterdam where there are plenty of thriftstores. But I really want one.
Yesterday I've watched Transformers, but I didn't really could figure out who was the goodguy or the badguy. It was a bit of confusing that all the transformers had the same voice.
By the way, THIS song was in my head all the time after I watched Transformers.
But now I see this text is gonna become a bit of a dull, long thing, so I'll stop writing.
Bye, enjoy your weekend!

maandag 11 oktober 2010


Picture made by myself, the doll from South-Korea

I really like this necklace! I somehow made it yesterday, the doll was a present from a friend who took it with her from South-Korea all the way to Holland. First, it was an attatchment for your phone, but I know I'm never gonna use it like that. So I cut it loose and now it's a necklace! It makes me think of PinkPanther somehow.
Like it or not?

School Sucks

Picture found somewhere on the internet...

School really sucks. This week I'm going to have a test (or two or three) every day!
So I have to learn pretty hard. But there are also some positive things in this week(or my life) because I'm going to get money for clothes! In the Netherlands we call it 'Kleedgeld'. I think I'm gonna like it because I always buy a lot of clothes from my own pocketmoney, which means I can't buy other stuff like presents for my friends or candy...
So when I get 'Kleedgeld' if have loads of money to spend!
Now I'm going to have dinner

zondag 10 oktober 2010

My First Post!

Hi everyone!
My first post on this blog! I think it even is a bit of exciting...
But okay, now that I have a blog, what am I going to do with it?
I think I'm going to write a lot about the things I like:
Waterpolo, Music, Watching TV, Making Movies With my Family, Singing, Taking Pictures, Clothes(Shopping!), Drawing, Friends, Collecting Nice Pictures, Writing Stories, Checking Lookbook...
And maybe even the things I don't like:
School, Homework, Being Bored...
Oh, something else: My english isn't the best, so please don't mind my mistakes (:

Bye y'all!