woensdag 27 oktober 2010


As you might have seen in my last post, I went shopping two days ago, this is what I bought:
- An amazing oversized Rolling Stones Tee (Black, with the red logo on the front)
- An oversized blazer, black. (Which I already wanted to have for a long, long time)
- Two pairs of Tights (Grey and Black)
I don't know what it is, but I keep buying Black clothes. Also, everything I bought is from H&M, because they always have these amazing clothes. (It's not that I don't like other stores, but I feel more attracted to H&M)
As you may have noticed, the only thing which was on my list to buy, where the tights. I tried on some grey tee's, but they looked awful on me. So that's why I didn't buy any of those. I searched all shoestores for the brown heels I wanted, but such shoes were nowhere available.
I will post some outfits soon, because on Friday I will do some kind of photoshoot with a friend!


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