vrijdag 29 april 2011


Today was my last day of school! This means I will have one week of vacation!
I took these pictures with my friend Tessa, who you can see on some of the pictures. It was fun. The weather was really nice, but you can't really see on the pictures because I made them black and white (except the first one), sorry, haha.
Tomorrow will be Queensday, a day when everybody in Holland celebrates our Queens birthday (it's not even on the good day) by selling stuff on markets, drinking, dancing, going to festivals etcetera.

donderdag 28 april 2011



Wonderful freckles don't you think? She's beautiful anyway.
The picture is from weheartit, but originally from HERE.

woensdag 27 april 2011

Dive into the cold water

via weheartit

I had this awesome weekend of just chilling at the lake with dear friends, tanning, going to family, jumping off bridges, barbequeing, swimming and so on.
This weekend also made me realise I REALLY need new bikinis. And a tan.

zaterdag 23 april 2011

I feel like dancing all day long

This whole week has been so warm! It's only april and I'm already wearing shorts (:
This is my outfit for today, as I said, it's really warm, so I'm not really wearing the jacket. If you would like to know: My bag is from somewhere in Rome, my sandals are from Dolcis, the shorts and the top from H&M and the jacket is from Monki (where I want to go again!).
About half an hour I will be going to some kind of eastertournament where I have to play several waterpologames. Yesterday I went watching to the boys team, who became champions that day. It was so exciting, everybody was screaming and yelling, we didn't really know what had happened to us (:
Enjoy your easterweekend!

woensdag 20 april 2011

The birds are singing their favourite songs

The weather is so nice this week! I have been wearing summerdresses (this one is from h&m btw, the shoes are from primark) and I love it. I can even go to school without a jacket (yay!). This is a very busy schoolweek for me, luckily next week will be all relaxed and the week after that I will have holidays (including a lot of shopping). Can't wait for the summerholidays to come!

I wanna hold your hand

via weheartit

Making a picture black and white can make it look even more beautiful. I didn't post much this week, and I don't really have the time to, but now I am at school with nothing to do, so I thought; let's post some pictures! Hop you all like them (:

Hello Again


Just a picture.

zaterdag 16 april 2011

Inez van Lamsweerde

Some beautiful pictures by the Dutch photographer Inez van Lamsweerde

Hi Guys!
Sorry for not posting so much this month, I don't really know why.
But now something else. This post is about the great (Dutch) fashionphotographer, she has made some amazing photos. I really like THIS short film from a serie she has made, about models being 'things' for the fashionindustry. In the clip first you see the pictures you can also see in this post, but after that there comes a serie 'before and after' where all the models first are shown just as 'themselves' and then with all the make up put on, for just a editorial in another fashionmagazine. A great detail is that in the left picture, where the are 'themselves' you can see their name. In the right picture it only says from what brand their clothes are. I think this serie really shows how it works in fashionindustry.
Enjoy your Saterday!
PS: yesterday I've bought a new cardigan (Vero Moda) and two pair of shoes (Primark) which I will all show you very soon!

woensdag 13 april 2011


This is an old picture from The Ardennes, I have no idea who took it. Anyway, the camera in the front is the one I sometimes use for pictures on my blog, but it's my fathers. I really want one myself, but I'm still saving money, and I'm really not good at doing that (:

Let's sit down and make music


Playing the guitar, I wish I could...

maandag 11 april 2011

Got a secret, can you keep it

I have a new favourite show (well, Glee still is a huge favourite)! It's called Pretty Little Liars and goes about a tight group of friends, when suddenly one of them dissapears, Alison. A year later, she finally gets found, dead. Nobody knows who killed her, but the other girls are getting strange messages from someone called 'A', who knows alle their secrets (and they do have a lot).
The show is not to be seen in the Netherlands yet, but I watch it online. I'm now at episode 11 (out of 22), and it is so exciting! Every episode the girls seem to get closer to the mysterious 'A'. Every episodes finishes with a cliffhanger, so you want to watch the next episode and you can keep going for hours.
The show isn't only that great because it is so exciting (sometimes even scary...), but the girls also have a great style, everyone is different.
The blond one, Hanna, is very girly and also the it-girl of their school.
Emily, the one with the black hair (sitting at the right), is sporty and wears comfy clothes.
Aria, the girl in the middle, has a bit of a gothicish, mysterious style with a lot of dark colors and cool minidresses.
Last but not least, Spencer. This is the smartest one of the group. She wears chique, sometimes also sporty clothes.
I really recommend this show, so don't mind take a look at it online, if you didn't know it already (:

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Off The Wall

And here they are, my new Vans! I've waited so long to buy these shoes, and now I finally did (and even with discount)! What do you think?
I love them (:

donderdag 7 april 2011

Let your hair dance on the wind


I Love the long wavy hippyish hair, the headbands, the relax-mood, the clothes.... GOSH I wish I had their hair!
Enjoy your evening, I'm going to my bed right now, am really tired (:

zaterdag 2 april 2011

Calling from London (uhm, Lille)

Picture made by my friend Charlotte, in Lille

Huh, in Lille? Yes, this red, english phonebooth is placed in Lille, France. Don't ask me why. Yesterday I had a trip with school to Lille. We had to make french assignments, interview people and when we were done, we had 5 hours to go shopping in Lille!
It was a great day, but also very exhausting. I came back home at eleven o'clock and went straight to my bed (: