maandag 11 april 2011

Got a secret, can you keep it

I have a new favourite show (well, Glee still is a huge favourite)! It's called Pretty Little Liars and goes about a tight group of friends, when suddenly one of them dissapears, Alison. A year later, she finally gets found, dead. Nobody knows who killed her, but the other girls are getting strange messages from someone called 'A', who knows alle their secrets (and they do have a lot).
The show is not to be seen in the Netherlands yet, but I watch it online. I'm now at episode 11 (out of 22), and it is so exciting! Every episode the girls seem to get closer to the mysterious 'A'. Every episodes finishes with a cliffhanger, so you want to watch the next episode and you can keep going for hours.
The show isn't only that great because it is so exciting (sometimes even scary...), but the girls also have a great style, everyone is different.
The blond one, Hanna, is very girly and also the it-girl of their school.
Emily, the one with the black hair (sitting at the right), is sporty and wears comfy clothes.
Aria, the girl in the middle, has a bit of a gothicish, mysterious style with a lot of dark colors and cool minidresses.
Last but not least, Spencer. This is the smartest one of the group. She wears chique, sometimes also sporty clothes.
I really recommend this show, so don't mind take a look at it online, if you didn't know it already (:

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