donderdag 25 november 2010

Instant Flowers and Primark

I just discovered one great blog called Instant Flowers, made by 16 year old Manon from Belgium.
The pictures above are all from her blog, made by herself. They are so nice, I think they all could appear in a magazine.
This kind of blogs are my inspiration, just as Tesaar (from two 15 year old Dutch girls called Tessa and Sara).
I need to buy a new camera, but the problem is that I'm really bad at saving money.

This week I have a testweek, which means we have two tests a day, so we're off early! That was good news for me and a friend, because yesterday a new Primark store opened in our town! It is the second store in Holland. The store opened at 11 o'clock and we were there at 5 past 11. The building was enourmous, but still it was unbelieveable busy. Which I understand, it was the first time we had such a store in our town and Primark is unbelieveabelly cheap. But still. We had to wait twenty minutes for the checkout. But I bought some amazing brown brogues and a striped tee, which I will show you soon I think.

zondag 21 november 2010


Waterpolo is dangerous! I already knew that, but I never really experienced it myself, in the six years (or more) that I do it. Until yesterday. An elbow was knocked in my face and now I have one blue eye. It isn't extremely bad, but it hurts pretty much. Ofcourse there can happen much more when you are playing waterpolo, but luckely I have never had something as bad as broken bones or extremely bruised arms, legs and stuff.
Above you can see a very nice ad from the brand Mikasa, which also produces waterpolo-balls. I think it's a really nice ad, because of the strange surroundings and the light in the water, which gives a very cool effect.

Old and Wise

An owl is always shown as a very intelligent, old and wise animal. And, it's the new fashionitem!
I already have a pair of earrings with owls, but I really want a necklace or ring with an owl on it. At H&M they have one, but I've already seen so many people walk with that one, I want one that's unique.
Luckely, here in Holland we celebrate every fifth of december the birthday of Saint Nicholas. At that day, everybody gets presents, just like Christmas. So on my wishlist I will probably put an owl ring or necklace!

vrijdag 19 november 2010

The Uniform Project

Christmas is getting closer and I really want a new Christmasdress! I already follow this site for a while: theuniformproject. It is a project to raise money for different causes. The first year, this girl Sheena, wore the dress (the uniform) everyday, a whole year long. You can buy the dress at their site, the only problem is, it gets pretty expensive for me to buy, because the shippingcosts are 40 dollars to ship the dress from the US to the Netherlands.
The second point is, it isn't really a christmasdress. But I could still wear it every day, just like Sheena!

You Geek!

All pictures from

Nerd-glasses, you see them everywhere. Not that I only saw it this week, but I just didn't think to write a post about it.
I think they are pretty cool, and so do other people, because suddenly a lot of people who don't need glasses are wearing them. (I used to have glasses, but now I have lenses. Which also looks better on me)
About the pictures, I really like all the outfits altough I wouldn't wear all of them.

maandag 15 november 2010

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars <3

Bruno Mars, an amazing singer with a great voice. Known from hits like "Nothing on You"(featuring B.o.B.), "Billionaire"(featuring Travie McCoy) and "Just the way You are".
But those aren't the only great songs he made. He made a lot more! Like Who Is, Love(featuring Jaeson Ma), All She Knows and Voices in my Head.
This isn't everything, but the whole list would take very long to write down for me, and for you to read (and check!).
I keep listening to these songs, and they don't bore me at all.
So please listen to those songs, they are worth it!

vrijdag 12 november 2010


Yara from Jumper from zara, wedges from minimarket and cuff from H&M

Today I went to the city to go find a nice warm jumper for the winter. I went to H&M first, but the only one that looked kind of okay, was a knitted grey sweater which appeared a bit too short, and I don't really like short tees/sweaters. So I kept looking, but I found nothing what looked as nice and comfy as Yara's jumper. I'm really in need of warm clothes, but the problem is that I can't find anything (which I think sucks a bit).
I'm hoping for a miracle to happen, so that I will find a nice jumper, and I'll hope that this dream might come true this month, because the 24th of novembre, the new Primark superstore will open in our town. I can't wait to see all the new potential clothes for in my closet!


My school

It's friday! My favourite day. It means the end of school, beginning of the weekend, training and a very cool talentshow; The Voice of Holland. The singing level is way higher then at other talent shows.
But unfortunately, I'm still at school.
So I'll go to class, dreaming about the weekend.

donderdag 11 november 2010

Fur collars

Number of fur collars seen today: or more
Kind of people wearing them:
5 old ladies
1 old man
99.999.999.994 teenagers

I don't know what just happened, but suddenly everybody has a wintercoat with a fur collar, sometimes as huge as an eskimo fur collar. The thing that shocked me a bit; almost every collar is made of real fur. I thought a lot of people were against fur, but when it's about a collar it suddenly is okay.

The thing is; I just don't like fur that much, so I'll never buy such a coat. I know, it's warm, and I am really in need of a warm wintercoat, but everybody has a coat with fur, it just isn't unique anymore.
Second of all, the kind of people who are wearing the coats aren't really my type.
So I'll just keep wearing my old, familiar wintercoat.

zondag 7 november 2010


In about twenty minutes, my second favourite program will begin! So You Think You Can Dance is a talent show, about who will be the next top-dancer. It is in different countries, but here in the Netherlands we just have the dutch version.
Almost every week they say that the level in the Netherlands is very high, so it's very cool to watch.
The only con from SYTYCD is that it's always at sundays, and sundays remind me that it will be monday soon, which means SCHOOL...
But there are so many more pro's of SYTYCD, so I may not complain (:

The Shoe Issue

First pic made with Polyvore, Second pic from LookBook

I think it is pretty obvious right know what kind of shoes I want to have. I loooove the Jeffrey Campbell shoes (in the middle of pic 1, and the shoes in pic 2) but I think it would be impossible for me to walk on them. I also put two brogues without heels in the first picture, because I think that would be more comfortable, like for instance when you have to wear them all day. 
Friday I saw a pair of brogues in the H&M, but they were nude in stead of brown, and I really want brown ones, so I have to search very well.

zaterdag 6 november 2010


Still from TheKelVlog
Yesterday somebody send me a youtubelink which contained a dutch Youtube-vlogger, just because he thought the vlogger(Kelvin) looked a lot like a friend of us. I took a look at Kelvin's channel and I think his posts are really funny. It is in dutch, so for the non-dutch people it isn't very interesting, but still, take a look at his channel! RIGHT HERE...

Teenage Dream

Hi Guys!
My favourite serie right now, is Glee. A show about the Glee-club on some american highschool, where they sing, dance, fall in love, have huge or small problems and much more.
Some people say it's kinda 'Gay' and only for girls, but I don't think so!
I also have a lot of songs from Glee-episodes on my I-pod, but this morning I found THIS song, which is from the episode "never been kissed" in season two. Here in Holland we are in season one, but I listen to a lot of songs from season two.
I also can't wait to see Charice Pempengo, the new Filipian artist perform as Sunshine Corazon in season two, I follow her for a pretty long time on youtube.

vrijdag 5 november 2010

Feeling like a Rockstar

Hi Y'all!
I didn't post for almost a week! That's not so nice from me...
Above you see some pictures I took with a friend (Tessa, the girl with the grey tee).
We had a lot of fun when we were taking them, and we also were really cold when we finished, Because here in the Netherlands it already is pretty cold.
Our inspiration was something like Rockstars, and with the clothes we had, we tried to make this look.
Well, as you can see, this were our Rock-Outfits! What do you think of it, are they a bit rockish?