zaterdag 6 november 2010

Teenage Dream

Hi Guys!
My favourite serie right now, is Glee. A show about the Glee-club on some american highschool, where they sing, dance, fall in love, have huge or small problems and much more.
Some people say it's kinda 'Gay' and only for girls, but I don't think so!
I also have a lot of songs from Glee-episodes on my I-pod, but this morning I found THIS song, which is from the episode "never been kissed" in season two. Here in Holland we are in season one, but I listen to a lot of songs from season two.
I also can't wait to see Charice Pempengo, the new Filipian artist perform as Sunshine Corazon in season two, I follow her for a pretty long time on youtube.

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