zaterdag 16 april 2011

Inez van Lamsweerde

Some beautiful pictures by the Dutch photographer Inez van Lamsweerde

Hi Guys!
Sorry for not posting so much this month, I don't really know why.
But now something else. This post is about the great (Dutch) fashionphotographer, she has made some amazing photos. I really like THIS short film from a serie she has made, about models being 'things' for the fashionindustry. In the clip first you see the pictures you can also see in this post, but after that there comes a serie 'before and after' where all the models first are shown just as 'themselves' and then with all the make up put on, for just a editorial in another fashionmagazine. A great detail is that in the left picture, where the are 'themselves' you can see their name. In the right picture it only says from what brand their clothes are. I think this serie really shows how it works in fashionindustry.
Enjoy your Saterday!
PS: yesterday I've bought a new cardigan (Vero Moda) and two pair of shoes (Primark) which I will all show you very soon!

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