zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Transform Ya...

Weekend! I've just trained, yes very early, I always train at 7:30 at Saturday (Goodbye Sleeping)
But now I still have a whole day to do stuff!
My parents didn't mention something yet about the money I will get each month to buy clothes.... I hate that, Cause I really want to buy some new clothes! I'm also in love with old vintage bags, but we don't have a local thriftstore, so I'll have to wait till next week, because then I might be going to Amsterdam where there are plenty of thriftstores. But I really want one.
Yesterday I've watched Transformers, but I didn't really could figure out who was the goodguy or the badguy. It was a bit of confusing that all the transformers had the same voice.
By the way, THIS song was in my head all the time after I watched Transformers.
But now I see this text is gonna become a bit of a dull, long thing, so I'll stop writing.
Bye, enjoy your weekend!

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