vrijdag 17 december 2010

Big White World

Pictures of my brother and I (made by me and my brother)

This morning I woke up, opened my curtains, and couldn't see anything. The whole window was covered with snow. When I came downstairs, I saw all the snow laying in our garden, which looked wonderful. Today we celebrated Christmas at school, so I put on my christmasdress (which you can see on the pictures!) and luckely my father drove me to school by car. Everybody looked wonderful, but because of the snow, they had to cancel our trip to the cinema, so we only had breakfast and after that we were aloud to go home and celebrate the holidays. At home, my brother and I went outside and took some pictures in the snow. It was pretty cold, but we had fun.
Now I finally have holidays, and I will have lots of fun with my family and friends this two weeks. And ofcourse more time to take pictures and blog! 

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