vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Like a Granny

Today I went shopping and bought this cool sweater (well, actually hot). It is from the men's department at H&M, but I liked it a lot. I know, the weather is really nice, but I will wear it next winter a lot I think.
I bought much more:
- The brown belt in the picture is from Primark
- A top from Primark
- A high-waisted flowershirt from H&M
- Men's joggingshorts from H&M
I will show them soon!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Omg your sweater is super cute :)
    I might just go buy it :P does it come in other colors?

  2. It was in sale, so I don't know if they still have it,
    but yes, it does come in different colors. The other one was white with (I believe) red and green.