zondag 6 maart 2011

Back in Black

Shirt from H&M Divided, jeans from Capsize, ring from Bijou Brigitte.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mother! I bought these amazing jeans, the black shirt, jeansshorts and the ring (and some underwear, but that isn't interesting). I'm really happy with everything I bought, I bought the jeans in the sale, so they were only 15 euros, and I really needed new jeans. 
I love my new ring! Everytime I go try on some rings, they never fit, but FINALLY, I found a ring that a) looked nice and b) fitted! So I'm really happy right now (:
I haven't made pictures of the shorts yet, but I will make them soon. For the shorts I have to wait untill the summer, that is way too long! 

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