vrijdag 18 februari 2011

What if everyone had twins?

Pictures made by me, using a tripod

So here is the outfitpost! I'm wearing an old shirt from my mother, a top from Vero Moda, tights from Primark and heels from Van Haren (a Dutch store).
Working with the tripod today wasn't really working; I had to almost 'run' on my high heels, because I had to be on time to be on the picture, and not in an odd running position. I guess that if anyone saw me doing this, the would be laughing and rolling on the floor.
I like the pictures though. I'm really in love with my (new) editing program, GIMP, I love the fact that I can make myself appear twice. This, by the way, is almost the only thing I can do with GIMP, I didn't really try to do other things with it. But I know you can.
I have to fly now, someone is waiting for me. Because.... MY HOLIDAYS HAVE BEGUN ;D

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