vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Look at the lights

Pictures made by me

A couple of days ago, my parents told me to go to bed, but I wasn't really tired, so in my room I was still awake. It was pretty warm in my room, so I opened the window and looked outside. When I looked to my left, I saw a bunch of christmaslights (although christmas is gone for a while now...), they hung on a fence from my neighbours. When I looked to my right I saw some streetlights. I liked the lights in the dark, so I grabbed my camera. I put it on 'night', because I knew the shutter from my camera would be open for about 5 seconds (to catch as much light as possible). I pointed my camera at the lights (while hanging out of my window and hoping my camera wouldn't fall), clicked, and started moving my camera around (and hoping even more my camera wouldn't fall). I looked at the pictures I made and the results were gorgeous! 
I love the effect from the pictures, it looks really cool to me. You can make pictures like this when you can program the shutter by yourself. With the camera I used that night, I couldn't, I actually found out this modus by accident.
I hope you guys like the result!

Ps: I will post a outfitpost today, so stay tuned!

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