zondag 5 december 2010

Back home and Snow

First picture made by me, second by my brother (it's me on the picture). All pictures made in Zandvoort.

I didn't post anything this week, because I had to move for one week out of my house! Which ment no internet, and cycling very long to school. Just my luck, this week it began snowing in Holland! So I had to cycle 10 kilometers trough the snow, to school. But snow always is nice to see, and to take pictures of, so that's what I did (as you can see). By the way, today all the snow melted away, so it was only for a few days.
Today I celebrated Sinterklaas with my family, a tipical dutch celebration-thingie (something like christmas) . I got a lot of presents, which I will probaply show you this week. Anyway, I was really happy with them.
Now I'm going to drink some tea I think, so Bye y'all!

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