woensdag 4 juli 2012

Galaxies, again

I don't think I will ever get sick of galaxies. About a week ago I posted about the galaxy shoes I made, and about a year ago about my first shirt, but it will never be enough! I decided to begin my own little company to let other people also enjoy galaxy-awesomeness. I will make some shirts for a couple of friends. And because of this, I wanted to try some different techniques to make galaxy shirts.
I grabbed two old shirts I never wear, and I put some bleach in a spray bottle. I sprayed the tees and they started to look like this. After that, I washed them to stop the bleaching process. Next I will be painting them a little bit and adding stars, so this is not the final product, but I will show that whenever they are done.
I really liked this technique, the bleaching is very fast and it gives a really nice effect.
Here are some inspirational youtube videos:
Very short, clear video by 2qhan
A bit longer, by MissVanillaKisses
Italian, but not hard to understand what you have to do

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