donderdag 5 mei 2011

I hear music in my dreams

Today I will be going to Bevrijdingspop, in Haarlem. A popfestival from all kind of artists, to celebrate the freedom of The Netherlands. (the fifth of May was the day Holland got freed from the Germans, in the second world war)

The last two years I went here it was nice, but this time it's going to be even nicer! There will come a lot of cool artists and I will be with a lot of friends.
Here are some of the singers who will perform today:
Ben Saunders (this man has won the first edition of The Voice of Holland)
Waylon (a Dutch singer)
The Baseballs (a German band who covers songs and gives them a nice 'old' feeling)
Kate Nash
and Ben l'oncle Soul
The festival is already going on, but we are going in the afternoon. I hope we will see al these singers perform today! (because it's always very hectic and busy...)
Have fun today, with whatever you are going to do (:

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