woensdag 18 mei 2011


Hi Guys!
I just checked my blog and it seems to be that I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Tray! (take a look at one of her blogs right HERE) I feel honored!
And I think this is a good time to thank all of you for your great comments I get on my posts! It is really satisfying to see people actually like what I write down, haha! So thanks a lot (:

Ok, so about the Award....
The rules seem to be that I have to share ten facts about myself and then tag 10 other bloggers to do the same, so here it comes!

Ten facts about me:
1. I live in the Netherlands, the small country next to Belgium and Germany.

2. I'm in the fourth grade of VWO, that is the highest level of High school you can go to in Holland (: My favourite subject at school is Arts, I love to 'create' things (:

3. I love to sing when no one is there, or even when someone is there, but I really can't sing at all, haha.

4. My feet are huge, I have size 41 ( 9.5 in the US). It's always frustrating to find shoes in the right size...

5. I play waterpolo for almost seven years now and I have training four times a week. I really enjoy being in the water and swimming, and it also feels great to win. I met people there, and I would (and could) never forget them. They are such a big part of my life. Some of the greatest friendships in my life are because of waterpolo.

6. I used to have glasses, but now I wear nightlenses; you put them in at night and at day you can see perfectly (:

7. I also used to wear braces. You know, the big ones with a cap on my head. It looked ridiculous and I couldn't speak normally with that enormous thing in my mouth. I'm glad I don't have to wear that thing anymore!

8. I wake up at 6:45 in the morning to get ready for school, because I have to cycle half an hour to get to my school. I wish school started at 12:00, I love to sleep.

9. This summer I will go to Greece with my family for three weeks. I'm really excited for this, because we have never been there before (well, that's not exactly true. I have been there, but then I was like four years old, and I don't really remember a thing.) I bet it is going to be a great vacation!

10. I started this blog because my father told me it would be a good idea, sounds weird right? I always wanted to do something creative and I really love fashion, so a blog sounded as a great solution. I started searching other fashionblogs to get some inspiration and then I finally made this blog. It started small, posting one thing a week, but now I try to post as much as I can!
I really enjoy making posts for this blog and taking pictures. And I also love to read other blogs.

Wow.... I feel like I'm talking to much about myself, haha. I really think the following bloggers deserve this award too:

1. Laura and Manon from Nonsense of the truth
2. Tessa from Just Teens Tessa
3. Natai from Fire and Tiger
4. Afke from slashpointseventeen
5. Mary from A photo diary
6. Jaimie from Jeemmful
7. Jenny from Jenpaa2
8. Tessa from My fashion diary
9. Claire from Stolen from grandma
10. Tess and Sara from Tesaar

I check all these blogs and I enjoy reading their posts and looking at their beautiful pictures. Please check them out!


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  1. Jaimie from Jeemfull is very good! :D
    I follow you, do you follow back? :D


  2. Hele leuke blog!
    Ik ga je volgen :)