donderdag 17 maart 2011

Draw-a-Look-Day pt.2

First picture of Ebba Zingmark, second made by me.
Okay, so ten minutes ago I said I would post this post tomorrow. Then I thought: why tomorrow? I want to post it now! So I grabbed my camera, turned on all the lights in my room to make it as light as possible, turned on my flash because even with all the lights on, it was still to dark and took this picture (as you can see, it kind of failed).
So here is my interpretation of this look by Ebba Zingmark, a swedish girl from Umea. You can find her lookbookpage HERE and her blog HERE.
As you might see I first tried to draw her glasses too, but it looked awfull so I tried to erase it, which also didn't work very well. The backpack was way too hard to draw, so I just kept it to this, hope you like it.

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