zondag 9 januari 2011

So You Think You Can Dance TheatreTour

First picture: Some friends and I. Second picture: The stage. Third picture: Us with Joren.

Hello you!
You might have known that yesterday, me and my friends went to the SYTYCD theatretour! I've been waiting for this so long, and now the moment was finally there! We were all very excited...
So the show begun, everything was really cool! They danced some choreographies from the show, but also new ones. I have some clips, but the quality is really bad. I need to pick out the nice ones and I will put those together so that I can show you later.
Now the story about the third picture. You probably won't know Joren, but he was a dancer on the show (my favorite) unfortunately he was sent home the first liveshow (that really sucked). The fact that the judges sent him home that early, was the reason why he didn't dance on the theatretour.
Now my story. After that the show had ended, me and my friends walked down to the stage, because we wanted to take some pictures. I looked to my left and guess who stood there? It was Joren! I was so excited and rushed to a friend of mine, saying: "that was Joren, OMG!" She said to me: "Ask if he wants to take a picture with us!" So I did, and this was the result! I was so happy that I met him in person, we even talked a bit about the show.
So all together today was a great day!

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